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Jay sits alone on a bus attempting to write the eulogy for her mother’s funeral, but when she is accosted by a more imaginative version of herself, she is forced to either face her grief truthfully or to be trapped in the web of lies she writes as a distraction. j [ a working title ] is an absurdist play, studying the idea of self perception, that questions whether our personalities come to fruition from a root of nature or from the relationships we build we others and societal expectations. The themes of j [ a working title ]  include dysphoria, addiction, generational trauma, how the male gaze and sociteal pressures affect adolesents coming into their sexuality and how we become the narratives we tell ourselves.


The play is performed by two actors, Jay and J, who could look like anyone, but in fact, it is revealed as tensions rise, that these two characters are indeed the same person. Jay is a young “woman”. J is Jay, but is also her partner, her parents, her dreams and her fears. The play is being written by Jay as it’s being performed as a means of avoiding facing the fact of her mothers death. An attempt is made to reset completely between each scene. Time and place is inconsistent, possibly irrelevant, until the eulogy becomes the thing. 

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